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About OnICS

Our founder and Chairman, Dr James Watson, was a practicing Oncologist for over 40 years. As an Oncologist he felt the frustrations of paper-based record keeping and identified that technological innovations could massively improve the process and reduce administrative burden. His vison was for an innovation that would allow for rapid data entry, at the point of consultation, and in a structured fashion that followed the path of an Oncologist’s consultation process and was always led by the Oncologists expertise & industry best practice.


The advent of the Apple iPad has helped OnICS (Oncology Information Capture System) to deliver on this vision through its iNOTZ suite of products.  iNOTZ is a comprehensive, fully coded & structured clinical documentation solution that improves productivity, reduces administrative overheads, produces full Medical Note “in clinic” and integrate with electronic health records.


Our iNOTZ suite helps physicians produce more efficient, effective, reliable and accessible medical records, as well as saving time & money compared with the traditional dictation and medical transcription processes.

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