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The very first iNOTZ application, commercially launched in 2013, was iNOTZro our radiation oncology solution. Created in close collaboration with Dr Randy Sorum, Olympia, WA USA and other leading oncologists, iNOTZro delivers a host of functionality that’s driven by better outcomes for patients and the oncology teams.


iNOTZ puts the physician, nurse and patient in control of their clinical journey aided by the mobility of the iPad application and recently optimized for iPadOS 15. iNOTZ collects patient information prior to the clinic via its Patient Questionnaires, covering social, medical and family histories as well as current medications.


During the consultation with the patient, the Oncologist creates a series of documents in a specfic order. Following the Patient Questionnaire created at home in advance of the patient appointment or in the waiting room with a nurse, this pre-populates clinical data through to subsequent note types such as the  Initial Consultation note, Radiation treatment planning forms, Follow-Up notes and more.


Patient consent forms and radiation treatment planning forms are also included in iNOTZro along with Dragon Medical from Nuance for dictation.


Since inception, iNOTZ has been designed to communicate with existing clinical systems & electronic health records. We’ve ensured interoperability, using the latest FHIR standards, to existing electronic health record systems such as MOSAIQ from Elekta which offer various inbound and outbound external solution interfaces for the iNOTZ applications. Below are some screen shots:

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