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iNOTZ has a host of features that have been designed in close collaboration with Oncologists, Physicians, Nurses, Clinical Directors and commissioners. The iNOTZ suite is constantly evolving & still led from input from our customers. Here’s an overview of some of the features:

  • iNOTZ is a comprehensive system for medical clinical documentation and notes.

  • Applications include oncology, primary care and pathology

  • Enables clinics and hospitals to become paperless

  • Menu-driven, optimized for the Apple iPadOS 15 platform and the only fully digital system

  • Eliminates burden of conventional annotation

  • Physician designed and orientated it acts as a check list for the consultant

  • Compliant with all AMA recommendations (Stack, AMA Wire, 16-Sep-2014) namely

    • Enhances physician's ability to provide high-quality patient care

    • Supports team-based care

    • Promotes care co-ordination

    • Includes modularity and configurability

    • Reduces the cognitive workload

    • Promotes data exchange

    • Facilitates patient engagement

    • Post-implementation feedback

  • Secure data input is possible by multiple users including the patient pre-clinic

  • Includes a digital-based patient questionnaire (past and family histories)

  • Navigation is semi-automatic (based on clinical best practice)

  • Automatic staging and coding

  • Intuitive and very easy to learn as it replicates the consultants clinical process

  • Communicates with other software systems (such as MOSAIQ® from Elekta®) via HL7 compliant interfaces to import results and/or data from other systems, departments or laboratories

  • Cancer trials compatible (ALL required data are collected all the time)

  • HIPPA compliant

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